Office Plants Inspire

Dr. Roger Ulrich (Ph.D., Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas) found that problem-solving skills, idea generation and creative performance improve substantially in workplace environments with Interior Landscaping.
In Dr. Ulrich's studies, both men and women demonstrated more innovative thinking in the presence of plants than they did in an environment with art sculpture or no decorative objects.

DID YOU KNOW...Office plants are proven to have a positive impact on building occupants' perceptions of their suroundings? Research conducted at Oxford Brookes University (Oxford, England) showed that:

**The use of the waiting area within an atrium increased by 4.1% "with plants."

**Both men and women displayed a preference for sitting opposite the plants in an atrium (they positioned themselves where they could see the plants).

**The mean anxiety level of subjects was lower "with plants" in the atrium than the mean anxiety level "without plants" in the atrium.

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